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Rules and Regulations

Definitions: “Recreational Vehicle” (RV) has the same meaning as defined in Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code. “Park” means the Redwood RV Resort. “Occupant” means the owner or operator of an RV who has occupied a lot in the Park for 30 days or less. “Customer” refers to anyone who has paid for the usage of the Park facilities. “Guest” means a person who is lawfully occupying an RV located in the Park, but who is not an Occupant. “Visitor” means a person invited by a Guest to occupy an RV for a short time, generally three days or less. All Visitors, Guests, Customers, and Occupants are required to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

1. GENERAL: The speed limit within the Park is 5 mph. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Please be respectful of your neighbors. Do not cut through other sites. Each RV will use one site and one hook-up only. Check-in time is 2:00pm, Check-out is 12:00pm.
2. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: A maximum of four people are allowed to inhabit a single RV site without prior authorization and permission of Management. Two additional persons may be allowed in limited circumstances (subject to additional charge). However, under no circumstances shall more than six persons occupy a single RV site.
3. VISITORS: Overnight visitors are permitted to stay up to three consecutive nights in any seven-day period without registering with Management. Visitors who stay for longer than three consecutive days must obtain prior authorization from Management. Occupants are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Visitors must follow these rules and regulations.
4. CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for the supervision, conduct, and behavior of their children at all times. An adult must accompany children under the age of fourteen while in the Park.
5. VEHICLES: Occupants are allowed a maximum of one vehicle per RV site. No additional trailers, boats, or other vehicles are allowed in the space. Unlicensed or non-operable vehicles of any kind are not permitted in the Park. Occupants are not allowed to wash their personal vehicles or their RV in the Park. No vehicle maintenance, oil changes, or repairs are allowed in the Park. Emergency repairs may be allowed with prior Management approval. Operation of all-terrain or offroad vehicles is not permitted in the Park.
6. PARKING: All parking is limited to rented spaces only, and no portion of a vehicle may extend beyond the boundary of the space being rented. Furthermore, parking that obstructs the free flow of traffic on Park roadways is prohibited. The Park does not provide any public or free parking anywhere on the premises. Vacant RV lots, along with all other unrented areas of the Park, are not to be used for parking. Vehicles not in compliance with parking rules may be towed at the owner’s expense, and without prior notice.
7. SITE USE/RESTRICTIONS: Outdoor patio furniture, potted plants, etc., may be allowed on the patio as long as the site is kept neat and uncluttered. No landscaping (plants/bushes/fences/gardens/lawn jockeys) may extend beyond the patio. No indoor furniture may be left on the patio. All personal property must remain within the confines of the site. No temporary buildings, structures, outside appliances, window air conditioners, etc., are allowed in an RV site without prior Management approval. Clotheslines are not allowed on the site. Mats or rugs are not permitted on the lawn. Tents are prohibited.
8. SITE MAINTENANCE AND TRASH: The outside of the RV and lot area must be kept clean, free of debris, and uncluttered. Dumpsters have been provided for depositing household trash of paying Park customers only. Excessive deposits of trash may result in additional charges. Before placing items in dumpsters, all trash must be bagged, and all cardboard boxes must be fully broken down until flat.
9. BBQ/GRILLS/FIRE PITS: No open fires except in bbq grills or in small fire pits that are at least six inches above the ground. Homemade fire pits, washing machine drums etc., are not allowed.
10. SANITATION: Sewage and gray water must not run on the ground. A positive sewer seal is required at both ends of every sewer hose. 11. REGISTRATION: All RVs and other vehicles must have a current license, registration, and insurance at all times. Licensing and registration should be prominently displayed at all times.
12. SOLICITING/COMMERCIAL USE: No soliciting or commercial activity is allowed on Park premises.
13. RENTING AND SUBLETTING: Short-term leasing and long-term subleasing of RVs within the Park is prohibited.
14. FIREWORKS: No fireworks may be lit on the Park property. Storage of fireworks should be maintained in a safe and secure way so as to avoid unintentional fires or use by unauthorized persons. Lighting fireworks outside of the Park property may be permitted. Please refer to County and City authorities for current regulations.
15. PERSONAL CONDUCT: Rowdiness, loud music, abusive language, violent behavior, public drunkenness, vandalism, theft, illegal drug activity (possession, sale, or usage), or other disruptive or illegal behavior is strictly prohibited. Objectionable conduct, violation of any park rule, or violation of any local, state, or federal law will be cause for termination of tenancy. 16. SMOKING: Smoking is allowed on Park property but not in Park owned buildings. Please be respectful of your neighbors when smoking. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in an appropriate receptacle. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
17. LAUNDRY ROOM: The Park provided laundry facilities are available for use by Park Occupants and Guests only. Please help us keep our laundry room clean. If our laundry room needs attention, please inform Management.
18. BATHROOMS: In accordance with California Code of Regulations Section 2112, this Park allows only “independent” RVs that have at least one working toilet and one working shower. All required utility hookups for proper RV bathroom operation are provided by the Park. Dry camping is not permitted anywhere on Park premises. The Park provided bathroom facilities may be unavailable during certain periods and are not included as a guaranteed amenity.
19. RV BATHROOM INSPECTION: To ensure this Park remains in compliance with California Code of Regulations Section 2112, all RVs are subject to inspection upon initial entry, to ensure they have fully functioning toilets and showers. Any RV lacking a fully functioning toilet and shower will be denied entry.
20. LIABILITY. All persons entering Park premises do so at their own risk. Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or personal property loss due to theft, fire, storms, accidents, water, or any other cause. Management encourages Park Occupants to carry and maintain adequate property and liability insurance.
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